What Are Diamond Buyers?

If like many of us, you haven’t heard the term diamond buyers before, you probably have a few questions. Keep reading to learn what diamond buyers are and get your questions answered.

Let’s start with what diamond buyers are. They are people who are diamond specialists and pay fair cash prices for fine diamonds.

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They can either have a storefront or operate their business online. Using an online diamond buyer may sound worrying, but it is completely safe and secure.

When you use diamond buyers that are online, they will walk you through the shipping process. They will provide a paid and insured label for your package and will even record the opening of your package once received for mutual protection.

After receiving your diamonds, they will start inspecting your diamonds. They have a few different tests they use to check the quality, then they will make you a cash offer. To receive your payment they can mail you a check or even wire transfer the amount to you.

If you’re still curious about diamond buyers and how the diamond buying process works, watch the video above to learn more and get your questions answered.


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