I Bet You Didnt Know You Could Recycle These!

In the past decade, recycling has become a huge part of our everyday lives. In order to prevent ocean, air, and ground pollution, people all over the world are turning towards more sustainable methods of getting rid of waste. While there are obvious ways of handling plastic, paper, and metal recycling, there are some things that you may look at and think, “Is this actually recyclable?” It is crucial that you sort your recycling to make the process easier on the backend, so often we throw out perfectly good recyclable items. In this video, we will look at some lesser-known items that you can totally recycle!

This video highlights how people are coming up with intuitive solutions to the waste problem, while oftentimes making new and artistic items in the process. For instance, some artists use leftover soda pop can tabs to make sturdy metal material for various projects.

Video Source

Leftover hotel soap bars are recycled into new soap bars at a giant soap recycling facility, and old garden hoses are being repurposed to make material for handbags. Finally, old used coffee grounds can be locally collected to make hot-pressed coffee mugs!


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