What You Didnt Know About Cremation

When one loses a loved one, their parting is one of the most emotionally engaging moments. The crematorium allows for loved ones to have that final contact with their loved ones. The watch room allows the family to view the body being loaded into the crematorium and have the control to turn on the crematorium if they want. Some families prefer being present while the whole process takes place.

The process of cremation is simple and straightforward. The body is loaded into the crematorium using a body lift also known as a retort.

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Once inside the crematorium, there is a computer that monitors everything including the temperatures and the progress of the cremation. Of great importance is the identity of the body being cremated. There is a very articulate process that ensures that the identity of the body is known all through the process and a tag is part of the urn.

The cremation may take between 2.5 to 3.5 hours depending on the size of the person. Once completed, the remains are taken to a preparation room where the bone fragments are crushed to have a consistent texture with the rest of the ash. Any metallic implants are also taken out at this stage. After this, the body is fully processed and is placed in an urn ready to be picked by the loved ones.

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