Local Roofers Weigh In On Their Working Conditions

There are a lot of challenges facing local roofers. Some have rendered them incapable of working and fending for their families. A brief YouTube video titled “Higher pay, better benefits.

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Hear it from our members” on the benefits of being a union roofer. They include job security, health and medication, paid vacations, and even safety training.

Every employee prefers working in a company that guarantees job security. According to Bob Knittel, a shop steward at roofers local 30, working as a union roofer offers job security. This is important because it erases any sense of uncertainty about the future.

A paid vacation and medical routines are things that not so many roofing companies provide for their employees. However, Catherine Thomas, a shop steward at roofers local 30, ascertains that apart from getting paid when on leave, you can also have the opportunity of seeing a doctor whenever you need to.

Safety training is one key benefit of working as a union roofer. It prepares you for any risk during roof installation or roof repair. Joining a union roofer should thus be a top priority for all local roofers.


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