PVC Installation Guide

PVC piping is one of the most common parts of residential plumbing. Any plumber should know the types of PVC piping and how to install them properly. In this video, you will learn how to install PVC piping.

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There are three sizes of PVC piping. There is a three inch pipe for toilets, two inches for the shower, and one and a half inches for the bathroom and vents. These sizes come in many different angles. However, the most common angle is 90 degrees. Some fittings even provide a way to access and clean the piping.

After you have acquired your piping, the first step is to drill holes for the pipes to go through. A drill with the appropriate sized attachment will make this part fairly easy. Next, you will want to put the piping in place. Each piece of PVC piping has a male and female end. This makes them easy to fit together. You may need to cut some pieces of pipe to make them fit. Once everything is in the right place, you will want to glue each piece together to provide extra support. This involves gluing the outside and inside.


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