The Sump Pump Installation Process

A sump pump is designed to help save you the stress associated with cleaning up spaces. This tool will help keep basements free from stagnant water, which could lead to mold and affect the foundation of your house with time. This piece will find everything you need to know about the installation of the sump pump.

Steps to Installing the Sump Pump

Sump pump installations are relatively easy. Here are the steps to help you out:

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Place the sump pump basin on the floor regardless of where it will be installed. Draw its outline using a marker.
2. Use a demolition hammer to cut through the concrete of the basement floor.
3. As soon as the concrete is cleared, dig up a hole that accommodates the sump pump basin.
4. Ensure to place the sump pump 3 feet below while ensuring that the basin’s rim is flushed with the basement floor.
5. Keep the silt from affecting the motor by wrapping filter fabric around the base of the sump pump basin.
6. Keep the basin in the hole, including multiple layers of gravel in the basin, and place a paver stone on the gravel to give a strong, level base for the pump.
7. Put the pump on the top of the paver and link the check valve on the pump directly to a PVC pipe. Make sure you run the pipe up the wall and away from the basement.
8. Proceed to mix concrete and use it in filling the crevice around the sump pump basin. Fill the basin to the top using concrete and smoothen it with a trowel.
9. Finally, test the sump pump and enjoy a water-free basement.

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