What Are Tree Services?

We all know tree services can cut down trees, but what other tree services do they offer? Keep reading to find out.

Let’s start with the tree services offered by tree care companies. Tree services involve arboricultural techniques such as pruning, trimming, felling, and thinning trees.

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They can also plant trees or design a landscape plan for your property.

The tree service industry focuses on private, commercial, and public property. This includes residential homes, apartment complexes, business centers, roadsides, and parks.

Tree services can be dangerous. With multiple saws and heights, there is a lot that can go wrong. This is why high safety standards against the hazards associated with tree care have evolved over the years.

Felling, in particular, involves substantial risks. The promixity to electricity or telephone lines, insufficient protection against falling dead wood, chainsaw wounds, and parked cars are all common risks associated with felling.

While traditional such as handsaws may suffice, large-scale tree care requires heavy machinery like cranes, bucket trucks, harvesters, and wood chippers.

To learn more about tree services and the services offered, watch the video above!


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