What is a Gas Furnace Inspection?

A gas furnace is something most homeowners don’t think about until there is something wrong. But even if you are not experiencing issues, you should have a gas furnace inspection regularly to catch any minor issues before they become big problems. Keep reading to learn how gas furnace inspections are done.

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The first thing that the furnace technician will do is walk up to the unit, turn on heat mode, and turn it on so it fires up to take a look at it. Next, the technician will remove the front cover to look inside the unit. Some units have enclosed burners, but for others, you can see the flame. During this step, the technician is looking to make sure the flame is blue color and not orange or yellow which would raise concerns.

Next, the gas furnace inspection technician will check for any rust on the inside of the unit. If there is any rust, it is an indication of poor venting or leaking. Once this area is inspected, the technician will remove the bottom access cover door. Due to safety systems, most units will turn off once this bottom panel is removed. This panel has all the information about your furnace including when it was manufactured, and by what manufacturer.

To learn more, watch the video above!


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