What is Architectural Signage?

As a business owner, you may have created your own brand logo and want a custom sign of that or your business’s name. But, have you ever thought about getting architectural signage? It could benefit your business a lot more by giving you a sign that is different than the other businesses on the block. So, what is architectural signage? In this video, the president of an architectural sign company walks us through the process of this type of signage and how you can benefit from it.

This type of signage is a project that contractors and designers will collaborate on together. Since this signage is more than just the design, contractors need to be there to ensure they can create this vision.

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When you do hire a company who creates these signs, you will make a schedule, write down both of your expectations, and agree on a budget. Everyone on this project collaborates together and everyone has an equal part in this process.

Watch this entire video and you can see some of the architectural signs they have created for a street of business. You may find inspiration or you may decide that you do want to hire a company who can do this for you as well.


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