Why You Should Have a Generator in Your Home

Most people don’t think about adding a generator to their home until they have already lost power. If you have a generator installed ahead of time, you won’t have to experience the stress of being without power again. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about generators.

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There are many reasons homeowners choose to install generators. Peace of mind when the power goes out, preventing basement flooding during a storm, or even taking care of elderly parents are all common reasons homeowners choose to install a generator.

There are a few different fuel options when it comes to generators. The three options are liquid propane, gas, and diesel. While propane and natural gas are the most popular, a professional may recommend an exclusive propane tank to achieve the best results from your generator.

A generator can be placed almost anywhere. As long as it is five feet from any window by code. Some homeowners keep their generators in their basement or garage.

To learn more about the benefits of having a generator in your home, watch the video above


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