What is Pediatric Sedation Dentistry?

When a young child needs dental treatment and their fear, behavior, or special healthcare needs prevent them from getting the treatment without physical or physiological trauma, a pediatric dentist will need to take a look at sedation options. Keep reading to learn what pediatric sedation dentistry is and what the different options are.

For most kids, laughing gas works well for pediatric sedation dentistry. Laughing gas is commonly used to help kids relax. It makes them less nervous while keeping them awake.

Another option is oral conscious sedation. With this option, kids are much more sleepy but they are still interactive and able to watch a movie while they get their treatment. Since afterwards, the child will have no memory of what happened, this option is great for avoiding any long-term mental trauma caused by difficult procedures.

While these options above work for most kids, sometimes they are not enough. If the pediatric dentist is unable to accomplish the treatment using these options, they will have to resort to general anesthesia. Anesthesia allows children to be fast asleep during their dental treatment and wak eup with no memory.

Watch the video above to learn more about pediatric sedation dentistry.


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