When Should You Not Continue to Work With an Auto Dealer?

Are you in the market of buying a new or used car? You should be cautious when you are going to an auto dealer and look out for these red flags. These are things you should be looking out for and if you see them, immediately leave and don’t work with that car salesman.

If a car salesman says that they need a deposit before you can test drive the car or if they say that you need to fill out a credit application, this is a major red flag and you should leave immediately. The only time you should be paying is at the end when you sign all of the paperwork and contracts to buy a new or used car.

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You should never put any deposit down before test driving a car. This is how some car salesmen make a little extra cash.

Some car salesmen are sneaky, so it’s important that you search for a reputable one. Finding a trustworthy car dealer in your area can make you feel at peace of mind. Watch this entire video to hear all of the red flags that should make you leave.


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