You Need to Know This Fact About Roofs

Roofs are a big part of your house. This is true in both the literal and figurative sense. They are also a big investment. Therefore, you want to make sure you are making an educated decision when you choose your roof. Even the cheapest of roofs can last around 18 years.

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Once you choose a roof, you will be stuck with it for a while. This makes it all the more important to do your research. Thankfully, this video comes from a professional who breaks down the pros and cons of each type of roof.

You may be wondering about the durability of each roof type. Thankfully, this video breaks it down for us. A durable roof will pay for itself in the long haul. That is why many people are starting to invest in rubber roofing. That is right, rubber roofing is extremely durable. In fact, hail stones will bounce right off. On other roofs such as shingles and metal roofing, hail would leave dents. This is not the case with rubber. Further, rubber roofs are expected to last as long as 60 years! Therefore, consider a rubber roof if you are looking for durability.


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