The Differences Between PEX and Copper Piping

The recent years have seen the emergence of new piping trends. Up to this point, Copper piping and CPVC piping have been popular choices. However, technology may be upsetting the market with a new entrant. In this video, you will learn about traditional copper piping and new PEX piping. It may be time to ask your commercial plumbing expert about PEX piping.

You can’t go wrong with copper piping. It lasts an absurdly long time.

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However, this longevity comes with a cost. Further, it is inflexible. It requires special fitting in order to change directions. There are two types of copper fighting. These are type L and type M. Type L piping is thicker and meant for underground or basement projects. On the other hand, type M piping is great for the walls of your house.

The new entrant to the market is PEX piping. It is supposed to provide the same longevity as copper piping. Yet, it is much more flexible and is much cheaper thanks to being easier to work with. There is even the option for simple push-to-connect fittings for PEX piping. However, it is not UV resistant and should be used or kept in sunlight.


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