Safety Ratings Were Not Made For Women or Children

Did you know that there are women drivers then men? Many women also have their families in the vehicle with them. Safety is often a priority when choosing a family vehicle. There is nothing more important than protecting your family. This is why most families will purchase a vehicle with a high safety rating. Unfortunately, these safety ratings do not give an accurate representation of safety for women and children.

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In this video, you will find out why.

The issue with safety ratings is that they use a singular test dummy to represent the entire population. Even the “female” dummy is just a smaller male model. This means that the tests are only truly accurate for the average male. Unfortunately, women and children are really left out of the equation. This seems unusual when you consider that they are more vulnerable to injuries. In fact, women are significantly more likely to be injured in an accident. This is why you can’t rely solely on safety ratings.

Instead, combine safety ratings with thorough research of the vehicles history. You will want to know any issues or accidents that the vehicle has gone through. For example, is it likely to need auto brake replacement in the near future. If so, steer clear of this kind of car.


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