Guide to GWO BST

GWO BST is a training program associated with the Global Wind Organization. It is specifically geared toward workers in the wind industry. Every benefit and risk of the offshore wind industrial field is explained and taught to prospective candidates.

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The Global Wind Organization certification process covers the standards that are to be agreed on and published. Training instructors develop GWO courses and become certified thereafter. Training records are made and accepted by GWO members during this process.

GWO BST validates an employee’s basic safety and technical skills. Skill qualifications will allow workers to conduct business at height in the wind and turbine industry. Recommended core technical modules include specifications in mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic activities.

BST specifically recommends core safety modules encompassing first aid practices, manual handling procedures, fire awareness, and working at heights. Optional task modules are, of course, not absolutely mandatory but still incredibly important for GWO workers. These modules include instructions in advanced rescue, enhanced first aid, blade repair, and sea survival.

The GWO BST is an elaborate and extensive training module that must be applied to every worker in the industry. Each individual’s skills are validated through the program and distributed for contracts all around the world.


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