Understanding Electric Hot Water Heater Installation

Although it may seem a daunting task, installing an electric hot water heater can be simple if you are prepared for it. Understanding the process of replacement and learning what you need to replace your current one makes the process go smoothly.

First, check the yellow label on your existing tank. On it, you will see energy specifications.

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When purchasing a new tank, try to find one that matches these, so as to not add additional wear to your home’s electrical with one with high usage.

Next, check your home’s water pressure. This can be done by attaching a pressure gauge to an outdoor spigot. If the PSI is over 80, an additional pressure-reducing value may need to be added.

Upon removal of the old tank, be sure the power is turned off. Be sure to use a volt detector to guarantee no power is running, as a failure to do so may lead to one shocking themselves. If the wires are not color-coded, use tape to allow yourself to remember how the cables were attached.

Before it is fully removed, allow the hot water to run out by leaving a faucet on until the water is cool.

For additional information, please review the attached video.


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