How to Know You May Have Mental Health Disorder

Many people struggle with mental health issues. With diagnosis and treatment, people can address their symptoms and improve their quality of life. This video from Merck Manuals helps to explain what can cause a mental health disorder and goes over how these conditions are diagnosed and treated.

Symptoms can vary significantly based on the mental health issue you’re dealing with, but it can be helpful to look for changes in your mood, behavior, or thought patterns. For example, if you feel disinterested in activities you usually enjoy or struggle with prolonged feelings of sadness, you may want to be evaluated for depression.

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Mental health conditions can make it difficult to cope with stress and can even cause physical symptoms, including body aches and chronic headaches. Some people may also experience changes in appetite or weight. Early intervention makes it easier to treat mental health issues, so you shouldn’t wait to talk to someone if you’ve noticed any concerning symptoms.

People are often ashamed to speak up when struggling with their mental health. It’s critical to remember that there are many ways to manage mental health conditions, including therapy and medication. Getting treatment can ease symptoms causing you distress, improving your overall well-being.


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