What Does an ENT Doctor Do?

You should see a doctor if you are experiencing problems with your ears, nose, or throat. An ENT doctor is an otolaryngologist. The video describes everything you need to know about an otolaryngologist. These are medical specialists who treat ear, nose, and throat conditions.

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They are both doctors and surgeons, with the necessary accreditation to treat chronic and other diseases.

They can treat ear conditions such as ear pain, chronic ear infections, tinnitus, vertigo, impacted ear wax, ruptured eardrums, hearing loss, ear tumors, middle ear fluid, and other ear conditions.

Conditions that affect the nose, such as nose bleeds, allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis, nasal polyps, deviated septum, smell disorders, and others are also treated by an ENT doctor.

These specialists also treat throat problems such as sore throats, laryngitis, GERD, vocal cord disorders, hoarseness, throat tumors, conditions affecting tonsils and adenoids, snoring, and sleep apnea.

Aside from issues in the ear, nose, and throat areas, they also treat problems in the head and neck areas such as tumors, infections, deformities, and facial injuries.

If you have recurring symptoms relating to the ear, nose, and throat, see an ENT doctor. Your physician will recommend a good otolaryngologist to treat your persistent condition.


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