Why You Should Enroll Your Child in a Nature Preschool

In this video, we present the benefits of a nature-focused preschool. Nature-based early learning involves teaching kids to collaborate. They can consider and use their bodies and brains in a natural environment. Emilian Geczi, director of the early childhood initiative, Natural Start, presents this video.

Research shows that nature-based early learning has many benefits. Kids gain increased confidence and excitement for education by interacting with the natural world.

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Nature preschool gives children a chance to encounter the world in an undirected way. It allows them to play without direction. Kids can learn more about the world they inhabit by experimenting.

Natural environments can help kids be more active during their learning, leading to better balance and coordination. Nature preschool encourages these interactions with the world by getting them outside the classroom to play and experiment. Finally, nature preschool lets kids learn more about the environment. It builds more environmentally-conscious adult citizens by showing them what the world looks like outside the constructed confines of cities and homes.

Last, it gives a strong base for science and math learning by the time they start kindergarten. Nature preschool has many advantages for children learning about the world and their place in it.


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