What Is Micro Machining?

Have you ever heard of micro machining? This is a relatively new machining practice, so you may be unfamiliar with it. The video provides some insight into the practice of this type of machining.It is possible to use end mills of one-eight of an inch or smaller for micro machining tooling. An end mill is a cutting tool used in industrial settings.

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It differs from a drill bit primarily by being able to cut in the radial and axial directions.

Micro machining is used by engineers, mechanics, and other design specialists to create things at a micro level. Micro machining tools have geometrically defined cutting edges that allow it to shape and reshape objects with micrometer dimensions. Materials suitable for micro machining include polymers, metals, alloys, and a variety of other solid materials. They have also been used on glass, which is more of an intricate process.

As the presenter in the video demonstrates, the key to successful micro machining is practice and organization. It is important to be familiar with the various sizes of micro machining tools and to know which size is most appropriate for the material you have at hand. Now you know all about micro machining tooling.


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