Are These the Ultimate Smart Blinds

In this video, you will see the installation process of the Lutron’s new brand,’ Serena Smart Wood Blinds.’ These wood blinds are automatic and can easily be tilted by voice or through pico remotes. They also have the ability to optimize natural light by automatically adjusting to where the sun is located, and you can easily lift them with a touch of a hand.

Video Source

The presenter compared the old-style blinds on the windows and showed the broken slats. The same windows have a smart blind automation kit that does not work as well as it’s supposed to. It even has a solar panel to operate it instead of a battery, but it does not work well either and causes broken slats and manual fixing.
Buying the new Serena Smart Wood Blinds’ starts on the Lutron website. They are three types of blinds in this brand to choose from- the roller shades, the honeycomb shades, and the wood blinds. The wood blinds were chosen for this room, and the website shows that sizes range up to 72 inches. The video shows the installation process of these Serena Smart Wood Blinds and how easy they work by voice and remote control. Keep watching.

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