How a Wood Garage Door is Made

While garage doors can be made from a wide variety of materials, wood is of the highest quality. A wood garage door offers the most design flexibility as it can be painted and stained any color a person may want.

Different kinds of wood like mahogany, cedar, or hemlock tend to be popular choices since they hold up very well outdoors.

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The core of a wood garage door is built with finger jointed yellow pine which means each piece is made up of several smaller, connected pieces. This makes the door far more structurally sound when compared to one made using solid pieces of wood.

The core structures can be designed to accommodate windows or other desired features. Every core structure is insulated with pieces of polystyrene which helps to keep the interior temperature comfortable regardless of what season it is. When a core section has windows, holes are cut into it with a router. Then, using a template as a guide, holes are drilled through the front of the door’s core. T-nuts are then inserted into these holes to enable hardware to be mounted on the inside of the door.

Having a wood garage door made and installed provides many benefits, both in terms of aesthetics and efficiency.

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