How to Remove Bees

Bees can be a pest. They may make their nests in unfortunate places such as near walkways, fence gates, or doors. If not taken care of, these bee nests can grow and become a hazard for those passing by the nest. One option in this instance is bee extermination. In this video, you will learn how to remove these unwanted bees.

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Bees are classified as any insect that is yellow with black stripes while also having a stinger. This covers a wide variety of bees ranging from honey bees to yellow jackets. However, you can remove them all the same way. First, make sure you are wearing thick clothing that has long sleeves. You will also need gloves, headgear, eye protection, and a mask. You basically want to avoid any skin showing so that the bees can not sting you. As a side note, please make sure to keep the area around your house clear of anything the bees may be attracted to such as sugar and syrups. This will help prevent issues in the first place. Once you are geared up, locate the hive and choose a method to exterminate the hive. You can choose to use a liquid spray or aerosol can. An even better option is to use bio pesticide dust. This will kill the bees quickly. If you are unsure of this process, please contact a pest control professional.


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